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Clothes are constantly in our consciousness, on me, on others, in the noise, scattered, in a pile on the chair.

Time has a big impact on clothes.
Clothes create styles, expressions and are found in our culture. We take them with us when we travel, are at home and at work. The place and the people around us affect us enormously. Clothes create opportunities, shape one's personality and become our home for our bodies.

Alster Vandel® creates the new fundamentals in menswear, where the body, the occasion and the personality are framed.
Through small-scale productions, Alster Vandel® makes models that are static, a contemporary fit that invites different types of bodies and creates a modern expression for work, parties and everyday life.

Our garments are made with the experience of a recurring form, made coherently from carefully chosen fabrics with a focus on feeling, a versatile work and a silent tension that creates the symbiosis between garment and persona.

From Stockholm, Sweden.


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